Who We Are

What is NFBPC? 

NFBPC is an umbrella network of Pentecostal churches, Para-church organizations and missionary organizations operating in Uganda. It is registered with the Government of Uganda, is non-denominational and politically non-partisan. The fellowship exists primarily as a voice for its membership and to support and nurture the effective growth and development of the Pentecostal movement through networking, capacity building and enabling strategic partnerships. Membership is broadly open to any Pentecostal ministry in Uganda that is in agreement with its aims and objectives. The largest percentage of the current membership comprises of indigenous ministries.​

Our Vision 

A Unified, Coordinated, Vibrant and Growing Pentecostal Church Movement in Uganda accomplishing the Great Commission

Our Mission

To be a prophetic voice to the nation, unite, coordinate, empower, promote, support, and embrace the efficiency and quality holistic biblical ministry/ service delivery in born-again churches and church-based organizations through net-working, capacity building, advocacy, strategic partnerships and participation in National transformation.

Our History

​NFBPC was formed in 1990 with the prompting and patronage of Hon. Balaki Kirya (RIP), then only openly Pentecostal government minister then, but did not take to operate any close to the stated expectations till 2000! It’s the cultic massacre of 2000 that awoke the movement in a need to avoid false accusations. Elections of new leadership was again sanctioned, and this was followed by a committed leadership that begun to build structures.

Join us in the Great Commission

Would you want to be apart of the great move of God? Become a member of NFBPC, and enjoy unlimited benefits of being One Family. 

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